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    Historically, the present day Ekiti State was an independent entity prior to the British conquest. Today, it is one of the many states in Nigeria. Unfortunately, this well-endowed state with agricultural land values, mineral and natural resources, tourist attractions and human resources still rank as one of the States with the lowest GDP in Nigeria in terms of PPP – (Purchasing Power Parity) as compared to others.

    It is time for Ekitians to maximize their educational potentials as an engagement tool for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) development. Not only in the field of ICT, but also in Modern Manufacturing Technology in order to enhance the diversification of the state’s economy and in-turn improve the standard of living of the people.

    As a Technologist and a Mechanical Engineer, the creative instinct in me has thrown-up several implementable and lucrative ideas. One of such ideas is the proposed Ekiti State ICT Industrial Park (ESICTIP) Initiative for the industrialization of Ekiti. This will improve our GDP and will also create jobs.

    In reference to an oft-repeated maxim of mine recited by an Ode-Ekiti Elite, Prof. Mobolaji E. Aluko of Chemical Engineering Department, Howard University, Washington, DC, in a paper presented on Ekiti Day, 2003; “The production of wealth in any geographical space involves the application of intellectual capacity and human raw power aided by appropriate technology to material resources below, above and on the land on which the human beings reside.  The beginning of wisdom in assessing the wealth prospects and challenges of any such geographical space therefore involves an assessment of its human and raw materials endowment.  The distribution of such wealth is then a function of the level of participation of the human beings, and the intervention of government to see to its fair and equitable distribution among its contributors or potential contributors”.

    The ESICTIP Initiative is projected to aid the infrastructural development of Ekiti State within the first twenty months of operation, this will in-turn enhance the state’s PPP – purchasing power parity and increment in the GDP index as compared to other Nigerian States. 

    Finally, Since the current realities in Nigeria is sending a strong signal that States need to look inwards to provide solutions to their problems rather than rely on the Federal Government. The proposed National ICT Industrial Park is here recommended to be established in all the Nigerian States as a timely intervention.

    This socio-economic development initiative is a self-sustaining and a practical solution that will build the capacity of each Nigerian State.


    To blaze the trail for Nigeria’s industrial revolution and push for a paradigm shift from a consuming nation to a producing nation in an attempt to boost her economy.

    To promote the manufacture and consumption of home-made products for domestic and industrial needs, and prioritizing same over similar imported products. To also set up an enabling environment to empower Nigerians on the revenue generating potentials of ICT.

    1. The Development and the Urbanization of Nigerian communities through;
    2. Modern Manufacturing Technology,
    3. Globalization of Agriculture,
    4. Democratization of Education &
    5. Internet Revolution

Benefitiary Sectors   completed

  • a. Health Sector
  • b. Educational Sector
  • c. Agricultural & Rural Development
  • d. Telecom Industry
  • e. Information Technology Sector
  • f. Entertainment Industry
  • g. Trade & Commerce Sector
  • h. Consumable Energy & Power Sector
  • i. Labour & Employment
  • j. Sports and Youth Development
  • k. Solid Minerals & Mining Sector
  • l. Security & Social Protection
  • m. Tourism Sector
  • The PEDIAK Initiative   Pediak

    The Pediak Initiative
    The Democratization of Education in Nigeria – (Making ICT education accessible for all)
    “Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern, but impossible to enslave” (Henry Peter Brougham)
    Pediak By Jawolusi The Pediak initiative is a proposed Private Public Partnership (PPP) in Nigeria’s education sector using ICT as an engagement tool in an attempt to facilitate the democratization of Education in various Nigerian communities, i.e the process of making it accessible for all. The essence is to foster participation, and maximize the role the private sector can play in the realization of the “Education for all” goal in the light of growing demand and pressure on public sector. See more >>>

    About The Author   seun

    Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon (@jawolusy) hails from Igogo-Ekiti in Moba Local Government Area of Ekiti-State.
    He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria (2005-2010).
    He served in the 7th Senate Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the Nigerian National Assembly within 2011-2012, under the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Scheme... continue reading >>>


    Nictipism is a national development theoretical framework; postulated by Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon. Hypothetically, the philosophy of NICTIP canvasses for the establishment of a National ICT Industrial Park (NICTIP) in a country, by the actors, in an attempt to adopt economic access as a national integration index rather than the former... continue reading >>>

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